Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Smallest 22lr Pocket Pistol - Smallest 9mm

The smallest 22lr pocket pistol and smallest 9mm is easy to conceal and may be perfect for a woman to carry. Many say that these do not offer enough power but in truth they are better than having nothing at all. If you are looking for a weapon that is easy to hide then a Charter Arms Revolver may be the best thing for you.

Some women may be intimidated by larger guns. If they are afraid of the gun then they may not use it when they need to. When this is the case then there really isn't much point to them having a gun at all. It could even be taken from them and used against them.

The 22lr or 9mm packs enough power to at least slow an attacker down. It's small enough and easy to use so that most women can feel comfortable carrying it and using it if needed. With enough practice with a Charter Arms gun she may even decide to try something bigger.

Work place laws are very strict. There are times when you may want to carry a gun and are not permitted to do so by the company you are employed through. A Charter Arms Revolver is easy enough to conceal that odds are no one will ever need to know it's there.

Some of these can be as small as six inches in length. They are light weight and extremely easy to use. You should have some working knowledge of a gun if you carry one. Practice shooting is a good idea to get you started and helps you feel comfortable handling the gun.

Remember to follow all laws when buying and carrying a gun. Any gun has the potential to kill and you should never pull a gun unless it is a life or death situation and you intend to use it. The smallest 22lr pocket pistol and smallest 9mm is still a gun and not a toy. Keep all guns out of reach of children.

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